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Ornamental Pens, Pencils & Wood Turnings
- by Roger Garrett -
Ornamental Pens
Custom Pens & Pencils - Handcrafted for the Age-Old Art of Writing

After a few years of turning batons, making reed cases and baton cases, and building furniture for our home, I ran across the promotional pen making material that came with my Jet Mini-Lathe. Curious about the possibilities, I made a few pens and pencils and, much to my surprise, I found that it was fun, relaxing, and resulted in some magnificent writing tools.

Every pen or pencil was a unique piece of art that could be used on a daily basis. Friends and family commented on the attractive quality of the pens, and I became hooked on the hobby! Thus - I am happy to create pens and pencils at a substantially lower price than can be found elsewhere. Above all else, I want to have fun with the hobby.


A wide variety of pens made of various rare pieces of wood may be ordered at any time. From Rollerball and Fountain Pens to Cigar, Slim-line (pencils also), Euro (pencils also), Churchill, Sierra, El Grande and many other styles of pens - in flat top and round top configurations - you can purchase these elegant writing instruments quite reasonably.

Wood choices might include burls from maple, cherry, and oak. Birds-eye maple, spalted maple, and exotic woods such as olive, bacote, rosewood, ebony, cocobolo, curly koa, spalted buckeye, and a host of other beautiful international woods can be ordered in most styles.


Additional pens and pencils made from unusual wood combinations such as checkerboard pens (maple, paduk, and ebony combination), multi-colored pens (stained and pressure treated birches in various color combinations), or Acrylics may be ordered. See pictures below for examples of pens and pencils created from these materials


Other turned wooden objects such as keychains, wine bottle stoppers, and yo-yos are available upon request. E-mail for pictures and prices.


Pencils are available in Cigar Style, Slim-line style, and European style.  The very Sketcher Pencil will also be available soon.


Other pens to be shown soon will include Flat Top Fountain and Roller-ball, Sierra Pens, Baron Pens, and Panache-style pens.


See the FULL SITE for other wood turning items.

- Call for Pricing -

Any questions, please contact me at the following address:

Roger Garrett
17 Cashel Drive
Bloomington, IL 61704

I can be reached at Illinois Wesleyan University:
Phone: (309) 556-3268


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