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- by Roger Garrett -

Clarinet Mouthpieces    Custom made by Roger Garrett

I originally began in the mouthpiece business by learning to put facings on mouthpieces as a way to help private students solve their mouthpiece problems during lessons.  I also hoped it would teach me more about why mouthpieces are so elusive --varying so greatly within a particular model and varying so much between brands.

clarinet mouthpieces

Frankly, I had no idea what made a mouthpiece play well or not, just which mouthpieces I preferred.  Still, having students try so many to get one that worked was frustrating.  After measuring and refacing nearly every commercial mouthpiece available, I came to the conclusion it might be better to purchase blanks and try to come up with something I could consistently provide for my students.  

Eventually, this led to requests from friends to make the mouthpieces available for their students, thus, the creation of this line of mouthpieces.  My original goal was to keep prices low enough for students to be able to afford a high quality, custom, hand-tested mouthpiece.  In this case, I don’t want the price to be reflective of the quality; rather, I wanted the mouthpiece to become known as a good mouthpiece that is priced lower than it should be.  I believe I have achieved that goal.


Bb K Mouthpiece: $85
Made from a blank that is consistent with those used by Frank Kaspar (Ann Arbor) in his last five years, the facing is the virtually same that the Kaspars employed with their mouthpieces in the 1950's and 1960's. Still popular today, this medium facing with a ~1.12 tip opening allows for good projection without sacrificing warmth and control. Vandoren V12 size 3.5 to size 4 reeds (or similar professional grade reed) are recommended with this mouthpiece.
Bb D Mouthpiece: $85
The blank for this mouthpiece has the same chamber opening as the K, but the baffle is scooped deeper for a darker, slightly lower pitched sound. The deeper baffle adds resistance to the feel, thus, those clarinetists who like a friendly resistance in their setup will feel more comfortable on this mouthpiece than the K. Because of the longer facing and the 1.19 tip opening, clarinetists can feel comfortable playing at louder volumes without overblowing the sound. Size 3.5 Vandoren V12 reeds (or similar pro quality reed) allow for a smoother, more comfortable sound.
Bb DL Mouthpiece: $85
DL combines qualities of both the D and K mouthpieces. The facing and tip opening is identical to the K, but the baffle is identical to the D. To allow the shorter facing and 1.12 tip opening to project as easily as the D, the inside chamber is larger than either the K or the D. This mouthpiece is the most popular mouthpiece of the three - primarily because of its flexibility in use for Orchestral or Symphonic Band performance. With a size 4 Vandoren V12 reed (or similar pro quality reed), it is also excellent for use with solo and chamber music playing.


Eb Alto Mouthpiece: $110
The alto mouthpiece (also used on basset horns that make use of the same tenon size) is a free-blowing, centered tone facing that allows for medium hard to hard reeds. The tip opening is ~1.60 with a medium curve that is similar to that used on the Selmer C* mouthpieces.
MO Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece $120
This mouthpiece uses the characteristics found in other high end mouthpieces with added special attention given to more volume without sacrificing a resonant, round orchestral tone quality. Tip opening is ~1.66-1.70. This is the mouthpiece I play on, and I recommend it for student through professional use in bands, or orchestras.
M Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece: $120
The M utilizes the same qualities as the MO with a slightly smaller tip opening. At ~1.52-1.60, this mouthpiece will allow for slightly harder reeds then the MO but will sacrifice some of the volume available with the MO. This mouthpiece is exceptional for Professional Level Chamber Music and small orchestra playing, or for younger students making the switch to bass clarinet for the first time. It also seems to be used widely doublers (saxophonists) and jazz artists.
Special Order Mouthpieces:
Some clarinetists have requested mouthpieces made from the well-known, imported German blanks made by Hans Zinner. These are very good mouthpieces with a different feel and tonal color than those made from the Babbitt blanks. The following mouthpieces are available on special order:
Zinner Eb Soprano Mouthpiece: $185
Same dimensions as the angled wall - also an excellent mouthpiece for band and orchestral playing.
Bass Clarinet: $210
This is a superb mouthpiece - preferred by orchestral players for the projection and reediness in the sound without sacrificing response or clarity.
Eb Contra-Alto Mouthpieces: Call or E-Mail for Price
Available by special order. Depending on the source and size of blank, they are approximately $135 each. Please email or call for a price.

- Call for Pricing -

Any questions, please contact me at the following address:

Roger Garrett
17 Cashel Drive
Bloomington, IL 61704

I can be reached at Illinois Wesleyan University:
Phone: (309) 556-3268


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