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Handmade Conducting Batons
- by Roger Garrett -

Batons: Custom made by Roger Garrett

Wood shaft batons are created on a mini-lathe with superior high-speed turning tools.  Each 11 - 13 ½” long shaft is created from a solid piece of birch or poplar and its finish is sanded by hand with 2000 grit sandpaper.  The wood shaft is left in its natural color.  Maple shafts are available by special request and are a bit stiffer as well as darker in color than polar and birch.


The baton handles are turned on the lathe and can be made from several different kinds of domestic or exotic woods (see price listing for choices).  Sanded to a glossy shine, the handles are either left natural or are stained for consistency in appearance.  Several different shapes are available: egg, large egg, teardrop, large teardrop, and variations of teardrop (sometimes referred to as elliptical or lantern).  Handles range in size from ½ to ¾ inches wide and between 1½ and 2½ inches long.  Longer or wider handles may be created if desired if a photocopy of the shape is sent along with the order.


The handle and shaft are dry fitted and tested for balance--usually balancing at the point where the handle meets the shaft or slightly further down the shaft.  The former creates a very light-feeling baton while the latter provides for a subtle feeling of weight at the tip of the baton.  When necessary, weight may be added to the butt of the baton handle to provide the proper balance.  The weight is made from solid brass, sanded and polished to a bright shine.

The wood shaft batons then receive two coats of premium semi-gloss lacquer with a light sanding between coats.  The result is an artistic piece of woodworking that is ideal for conducting.

Graphite Shaft Batons

Graphite shaft batons are a combination of wood handles joined to a graphite shaft made especially for this application.  These shafts are not fishing pole tips; rather, they are designed to exact thicknesses and tolerances especially for conducting.  The graphite is stronger and more durable than wood.  And, while this kind of baton is favored by many teachers for their beginning students, it is also a material chosen by many professional conductors and teachers.

 Every graphite shafts is finished in glossy white and joined to the specified handle that is finished in lacquer.

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Any questions, please contact me at the following address:

Roger Garrett
17 Cashel Drive
Bloomington, IL 61704

I can be reached at Illinois Wesleyan University:
Phone: (309) 556-3268


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