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Baton Cases
- by Roger Garrett -

Baton Cases: Custom made by Roger Garrett

Unlike other cases, which are built in one location by one shop, the logo created at another shop, and the finishing process completed at yet another shop, these cases are made from solid pieces of wood which are cut, planed, routed, shaped, sanded, assembled, stained, finished, flocked, and the latch (magnets) added entirely in one location by one person.

Baton Cases

While it is a very time-consuming effort, it also allows for savings in the cost of production. Thus, the savings are passed onto the consumer. The fact that these cases are priced 30-50% below other similar cases does not mean there has been any sacrifice in workmanship.

The wood is of the highest quality Oak, Cherry, or Maple and it is finished with premium sealers, stains, and spray lacquers. The hinges are designed to last, and the magnetic catch is designed to be simplae and durable, allowing for many years of trouble-free operation. The Double and Quad baton cases serve best as desktop cases but will also function well in the field.

They can accommodate batons with total lengths up to 16-1/2 inches that have handles no larger than 2-1/2 inches inches long or 7/8 inches thick (diameter). I can make cases for batons that are longer (up to 18 inches), but those would be created via special order. Other woods available include Walnut, Aromatic Cedar, Hickory, Paduk, Redheart, and Rosewood. Call or e-mail for other wood choices.

Baton Cases

The smaller baton case (pictured below) is made of aromatic cedar and is not flocked on the inside. Like the later versions of all baton cases I make, it employs a magnetic clasp. These were designed to be quick and dirty cases for the purpose of transportation rather than as a desktop case.

Subsequently, because they are smaller and require less time to make, they cost less. Keep in mind that these cases accommodate batons that have a maximum handle thickness/diameter of just under 3/4 of an inch. If your baton handle is a full 3/4 of an inch thick or more, this case will not work with your baton. This baton case will only hold a baton with a maximum length of 14-5/8 inches (including the handle). If your baton is longer than 14-5/8 inches, it will not fit in this case.

Because of the smaller size, I typically recommend that the single case be made from a hardwood. Despite the picture above, I do not recommend aromatic cedar for this size case. Single cases made from Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Birch, and Oak all cost the same. Other woods such as Paduk, Rosewood, Redheart, Goncalo Alves, Wenge, or specially segmented woods or cases with inlaid tops can be custom ordered.

Below is a picture of a single baton case made from Grenadilla with a top made from Spalted Maple embedded in a frame of Grenadilla. If you are interested in something similar or would like to have a baton created from multiple woods, please contact me to discuss the possibilities!

Baton Cases

Baton Cases

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Any questions, please contact me at the following address:

Roger Garrett
17 Cashel Drive
Bloomington, IL 61704

I can be reached at Illinois Wesleyan University:
Phone: (309) 556-3268


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