Favorite Websites
Clarinet Links
  1.     Clarinet Repairs:
  2.     Articles and Pedagogy:
  3.     Listservs:
  4.     Klarinet
  5.     Bass Clarinet
  6.     Instruments, Mouthpieces, and Accessories:
  7.     James Pyne
  8.     Clark Fobes
  9.     Greg Smith
  10.     Sheet Music Sources:
  11.     Alea Publishing
Wood Turning Links
  1.     AO Turnings
  2.     Fine handcrafted writing instruments (fountain pens, rollerball pens or pencils) using the best materials available ensuring years of pleasurable and reliable use.  These wood pens are great for collectors and gift giving that will be treasured for years to come.
  3.     Jerry is a fellow Wood Turner and Pen Maker and is a member of the International Association of Pen Turners
  4.     Nancy Revelle
  5.     A member of the International Association of Pen Turners, Nancy is a wood artist who specializes in wood turnings such as exotic pens and pencils.  Not only is Nancy a fellow clarinetist, she is also a very talented web designer.
  6.     Guy Wallace
  7.     Premium quality pipes, smoking accessories, and other turnings.
  8.     Daniel Yourdon is a fellow pen-crafter who creates individually hand-turned pens using the finest woods and other materials.
  1.     Aledo Middle School Band - Links to Band/Music Ed. Resources
  2.     Wikipedia Encyclopedia of Band Terminology - Includes Links to Top University Band Programs
  3.     Shattinger Sheet Music Service - Instrumental (all), Choral, Strings:
Conducting and Batons
  1.     Premiere Batons