Clarinet Studio at Illinois Wesleyan university
The clarinet studio at Illinois Wesleyan, which had only three students enrolled in it when Mr. Garrett arrived in 1988, has grown to as many as 19 students during Mr. Garrett's tenure.  Currently made up of approximately 15 students, the members of IWU's clarinet studio have participated in clarinet choir performances at both the IMEA Convention in 2001 and the annual clarinet choir festival held in Champaign-Urbana at the University of Illinois.  Members of the studio have performed with both the Illinois Symphony Orchestra in Springfield, IL, and the Peoria Symphony Orchestra in Peoria, IL (where Mr. Garrett is currently the Principal Clarinetist).  Students have been accepted for graduate study at such distinguished universities as University of Michigan, University of Illinois, Northern Illinois University, Arizona State University, North Texas State University, University of Wisconsin, Eastman, and a host of other fine institutions.  In addition to learning the standard repertoire for the clarinet, students in the studio also become proficient on either bass clarinet or Eb soprano clarinet (or both).  For students who wish to formally study these members of the clarinet family, they may elect an independent study with Mr. Garrett separate from their 1 hour lesson on clarinet (depending on availability of studio space).  For elective credit, the student must take an hour lesson per week on either bass clarinet or Eb clarinet and participate in a major ensemble on that instrument - concurrent with lessons.
Clarinet Choir Music
St. Paul’s Suite (originally for String Orchestra) Gustav Holst
        Transcribed and Adapted for Clarinet Ensemble by Roger A. Garrett
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Parts Included are:
E-flat; B-flat Clarinet 1,2,3,4; Bass Clarinet 1 & 2; Contra Alto; and Contra Bass-Clarinet
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12 Variations on "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman" DV 265 (300e)  Mozart
        Arranged for Clarinet Ensemble by Roger A. Garrett
Parts Included are:
B-flat Clarinet 1,2,3 and Bass Clarinet
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Roncorp Publications, P.O. Box 724
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Three Marches for Harmoniemusik  Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
        Edited by Roger Garrett
Parts Included are:
Full Score; Flute; E-flat Clarinet; B-flat Clarinet 1,2; Bassoon; Contra Bassoon; Horn in F 1,2;
B-flat Trumpet 1,2; Trombone; Tuba
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